The Ideal Off-Roader’s Garage

Off-Road Jeep Wranglers.
Handle off-road beat downs in your modified garage.

Any avid off-roader knows that their passion is going to bring them head to head with more mechanical difficulties than most. The great outdoors present challenges that can ravage the under carriage of a vehicle.

Running off to the mechanic every time a mechanical hitch shows up is simply not a viable option. The true off-roader needs to have a fully-equipped garage at their disposal 24 hours a day. Converting your normal, everyday garage into the dream space of any amateur mechanic will keep you on the trails all year-round.

The ultimate garage starts with efficient storage. This element is important to not only allow you to keep track of all your tools and parts, but also to keep your equipment in good working order. Tool bins need to be steel…and they need to be big. Storing wrenches and suspension parts sets a good cornerstone for the rest of your workspace. There is nothing that holds up a project like being unorganized and unable to locate needed tools.

The comfort of the garage is next on the list. This is a crucial element as well. You are sure to be spending a lot of time in this environment. Making it one that is conducive to work is important. The basics, such as heating and air conditioning, will make the space tolerable during extreme weather. Beyond this addition, you can extend the atmosphere into custom signs, decals, or novelty refrigerators to keep the beer cold. The level of customization is really only limited by the amount of space you are working with.

Residential vehicle lifts. Once the car is present, it can feel as if the space has virtually vanished. Residential vehicle lifts are the solution. Raising the car allows you to still walk around your garage freely. It also eliminates the need to break your back when you have to get to tight engine components under the body. Although it can be quite an investment, attaining your own lift is a life-saver. If you make it to this point of commitment, there is no turning back. Completely open up your access to professional equipment by getting a heavy-duty air compressor. With this equipment in hand, you can use virtually any pneumatic tool that a job may require.

Epoxy Coverings. The perfect garage does not imply perfect work, however. There are bound to be oil and grease spills. Protecting your floor will add to ease of clean-up, and it will help to ensure a safer work environment. Most floors are cement and gray with oil stains abounding. Epoxy coverings will seal the floor and provide a firm-gripping surface. These types of sealers come in practically any color and provide a comfortable surface that eases the tension on your feet and back as you put in long hours of hard work.

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Photo courtesy of Sarah Bolt.

Author: Sarah Bolt
Sarah Bolt works with Steel Line, who sells residential and commercial garage doors. She enjoys making her garage a functional and attractive place to work and hang out.

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