Month: June 2019

The Skinny on Summer Tires

Summer tires are a thing, but they’re probably not what you think they are: one-season tires. In fact, summer tires…

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End of the Road: Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus is a full-size sedan, once one of the most popular models in the blue oval’s arsenal. Changing…

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2019 Nissan Altima: Second Look

Like other manufacturers, Nissan has a full stable of utility vehicles in its portfolio. This automaker offers five crossovers, ranging…

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How to Prep Company Cars for Employees

One way to attract and retain talent is by including a company car in your employment offer. Even if used…

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4 Common Car Recall Misconceptions

Tens of millions of cars are recalled each year, representing problems that may occur after a car has been sold….

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The Segment-Defining Hyundai Kona

Hyundai’s smallest crossover is big on value and amenities. We’re fans of the Hyundai Kona and the reason is quite…

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Replacement Tires: Where to Buy Them

When it comes time to replacing tires, you have several places to consider for new ones. Ideally, you’ll swap out…

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VinFast Rolls Out $17K Hatchback

You probably haven’t heard of VinFast, the local Vietnamese automaker. But VinFast aims to get its name out there, by…

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The History of the Hyundai Tiburon

The Hyundai Tiburon represents one of this Korean automaker’s earliest forays into the sport coupe segment. It was produced from…

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The Sixth-Generation VW Jetta GLI

The Volkswagen Jetta requires little introduction, a compact model with 40 years of history on tap. This vehicle is based…

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The History of the Cadillac XLR

Declining Cadillac sales in the 1990s forced General Motors to take a hard look at its luxury division and that…

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5 Retired American Car Brands

The auto industry continues to evolve and consolidate, casting off brands or seeing the demise of entire automakers including Saab….

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Rivian’s Electric Truck as a Meal Ticket

Rivian has yet to release a production model, but its prototypes are certainly getting a workout. Moreover, when a Rivian…

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Dogs, Drivers, and the Honda Element

The Honda Element is a vehicle that defies easy categorization. One part utility vehicle, another part car, the Element is…

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About the Refreshed 2020 Lexus RX

Ever since its 1999 model year introduction, the Lexus RX has played a significant role in the luxury utility vehicle…

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Deal Undone:
Fiat Chrysler Renault Merger

It was a merger of equals, bringing together automakers with a strong presence in Europe and the Americas. The deal…

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Fiat Chrysler Renault Merger
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About the Fox-Body Ford Mustang

Throughout the long reign of the Ford Mustang, several different platforms have underpinned this iconic pony car. Probably the least…

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Michelin, GM Collaborate on Airless Tires

In the near future, checking tire pressure may become a thing of the past thanks to innovative technology. Specifically, tire…

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Notes From Uwharrie:
2019 Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler has a reputation for off-road prowess, but you’d never know how well this utility vehicle performs unless…

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2019 Jeep Wrangler
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Vital Statistics: Car Accident Injuries

More than three million people are injured in car accidents each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration….

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