Month: August 2019

Car Manufacturers: Who Owns What?

The global auto industry consists of dozens of brand names, but not all are marketed throughout the world. Opel is…

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GM Diesel Pickup Fast Facts

A third Duramax GM diesel becomes available. The General Motors Company makes diesel engines under the Duramax name. Most of…

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Toyota Avalon: Premium Value Sedan

Twenty-five years of Avalon history brings with it an all-new fifth-generation model. The sedan market may be shrinking, but Toyota…

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Don’t Become a
Roadside Emergency Statistic

While cruising down the interstate in the center lane you hear what sounds like a small explosion, a noise that…

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Roadside Emergency Statistic
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Your Tires: Air Pressure & Care Tips

If you’re heading out on the road for an extended trip, you will need to ensure that your car is…

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Chrysler’s Versatile Pacifica Minivan

Chrysler calls its Pacifica minivan a multipurpose vehicle and that’s not an inaccurate assessment. Indeed, this vehicle not only holds…

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Hot Tips to Keep Your Tires Cool This Summer

Without a doubt, extreme temperatures can affect your car, including your tires. Tires expand and contract as temperatures rise and…

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Luxury Unleashed: Ford F-150 Limited

Ford has a luxury truck and it is called the F-150 Limited. Combining the term “luxury” with “pickup truck” may…

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Flat Answers:
Run-flat Tires vs. Repair Kit vs. Spare

If you are the observant type, then you are aware of the type of tire aid kit you have stashed…

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Run-flat Tires vs. Repair Kit vs. Spare
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Driver Safety:
Distracted Driving Awareness

Distracted driving is not just a nuisance, but it is a killer. Indeed, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)…

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Distracted Driving Awareness
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Behind the Wheel of a
2019 Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder is a midsize, three-row crossover utility vehicle with room for up to eight. Its Nissan’s largest crossover,…

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2019 Nissan Pathfinder
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Kia Telluride: Opulent, Large Crossover

Kia Motors continues to produce hit after hit, a trend that seems to have started way back in 2008 with…

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New! 2019 Lexus UX Hybrid

Hybrid electric vehicles play an important role in delivering fuel-efficient and emissions-lowering transportation. Toyota is a leader in this field…

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Upscale SUV: 2019 Buick Envision

Historically, Buick has served as GM’s premium brand, delivering a slew of car models of distinction. Today, Buick maintains its…

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Hypermiling Defined!

Disclaimer: Never put yourself or other drivers in harm’s way when practicing some of these techniques which may, incidentally, be…

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