Introducing Driven Autos, Our Latest Venture

Driven Autos

Stumpwater Media Group, LLC, is pleased to announce that it has acquired and added the website to its portfolio. Stumpwater, owned by Matthew C. Keegan, was launched in May 2021. The company represents a media communication and public relations enterprise based in Raleigh, North Carolina. and Auto Trends Magazine are the two active automotive websites in the company’s portfolio. Matt launched Auto Trends in 2008, operating it as his flagship news and information destination since. Driven Autos began in 2005 and was acquired by Stumpwater in June 2021. The websites have separate missions yet there is some overlap as well.

“I’m pleased to announce, six months after acquiring this established site. In the past half-year, we’ve been actively overhauling the site. Our team overhauled or purged existing content, added dozens of new car reviews, and began working with contributing writers. Six months later, the website has a new look and a fresh mission, one that I’m excited to see grow,” said Matt Keegan.

That mission provides some separation between the two websites. Indeed, while Auto Trends Magazine focuses on industry news and new car reviews, Driven Autos concentrates on enthusiasts themselves, thus the whimsical logo design. The new site tells owner stories and reports on special automotive events held across the southeast, but especially in North Carolina.

Matt added, “Driven Autos allows us to focus on something we weren’t able to concentrate on with Auto Trends, including local events. We wanted a website that makes rich, photo-laden stories possible, and that’s the approach we’ve taken over the past few weeks. Moving forward, we plan to continue to highlight these shows, while expanding our reach beyond the Tar Heel State.”

Driven Autos posts new stories approximately three times each week with plans to expand in 2022. Auto Trends publishes daily, Monday through Friday, and is increasing its content and reach. As for the Stumpwater Media Group, the company oversees the two sites with plans to add more. The Stumpwater team writes press releases, builds content, and assists companies with their social media marketing. Please visit the corporate website for more information.

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