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Andrew Tipp is a professional writer and currently serves as a Digital Editor for Further, an award-winning online marketing agency based in Norwich and London, UK. He is tasked with creating and managing high-quality web content, which forms a part of the company's integrated content, search and social media marketing campaigns. His work helps clients to find, engage and convert new audiences. Andrew is also an experienced online and print content manager, having worked professionally on websites and magazines by writing and editing copy. He has a background in social media, communications and public relations. You can follow Andrew Tipp on Google+ as well as on his personal blog.

How is Tech Changing the Lives of Disabled Drivers?

If you have a disability that affects your ability to drive, there are car adaptations…

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How Is Tech Making Car Travel Safer?

There are more than 250 million passenger vehicles licensed for use on the roads in…

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The Future of Automotive Awesomeness

What mind-blowing tech will we be using in five years? Motoring technology has never stood…

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