The History of the Ford Flex

Ford Flex history

When the Ford Flex first rolled off assembly lines in 2008, it turned heads with its bold, boxy exterior that harkened back to the station wagons of yesteryear. Yet this was no wood-paneled family truckster—the Flex brought style, technology, and efficiency to the crossover segment. During its decade-long lifespan, the … Read more

The History of the Mazda RX-7

Mazda RX 7 history

When the Mazda RX-7 debuted in 1978 as the first-generation sports car to feature the innovative Wankel rotary engine, it captured the automotive world’s attention and imagination. For over two decades spanning three model generations, the lightweight RX-7 delivered unparalleled smoothness and high-RPM power in an affordable package focused squarely … Read more

Why Are Some DMV Employees So Rude?


We’ve all experienced it. The misery of sitting in the dreary DMV, staring at the clock as the minutes slowly tick by, the fluorescent lights draining everything of color. The crying baby piercing the silence. Checking your ticket number for the 15th time, disbelieving they’re only at B094 when you’re … Read more

What’s New in Automotive Paint: 2024 Color Trends

C8 Corvette blue

Car colors aren’t just about the aesthetic appeal; they’re a reflection of the times and trends that shape our decisions. While classic hues like white, black, gray, and silver remain favorites, the automotive industry is set to introduce some bold and adventurous choices for those looking to make a statement … Read more

142 Unique Silver Car Name Ideas

2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S silver

Like a glinting jewel or freshly minted coin, few colors dazzle and impress quite like silver. 11.7% of vehicles on our roads today don this metallic hue, trailing only white, black, and gray. Much like silver itself, associated names should evoke qualities like style, creativity and intellect. If you picture … Read more

199 Catchy Red Car Name Ideas

red Mustang

From blazing sunsets to smoldering embers, few colors evoke passion and intensity like red. No wonder it graces only the hottest supercars and the sleekest custom hot rods. If you think of a Ferrari, you see red. For those who wish to emulate power and confidence on wheels, 8.2 percent … Read more