How Long Does it Take to Change Tires?

change your tires

Changing your tires regularly is essential, whether you’re swapping summer tires for winter tires, swapping a flat with a spare, or putting on a whole new set. We live in a busy, busy world, and that means we want things done both well and quickly. In this article, we’re going … Read more

2022 Ford Bronco EcoBoost Performance & Off-Roading

Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco made its debut in 1966 and was discontinued 30 years later in 1996. It then went on a 25-year hiatus before the sixth-generation Bronco arrived in 2021. The latest Ford Bronco delivers a lovable old-school look with modern finishes. The 2022 Bronco also delivers great power and … Read more

Tips for Choosing the Best Car Accessories

car accessories

As a car owner, you know that keeping your vehicle in good condition is important. Not only does it make your car look nicer, but it also helps keep it running smoothly. One way to do this is by using car accessories. Tips for Choosing the Best Car Accessories But … Read more

Product Review: DeWalt XR Series Tools

DeWalt XR Tool

DeWalt XR Series Tools – Automotive Mechanic’s Choice Among the long list of reliable power tool brands, DeWalt has the best reviews and ratings by customers. It’s not a surprise why the brand receives a lot of traffic every time DeWalt releases a new line of tools. Recently, they have … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Replace Struts?

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Is your ride taking longer than usual to stop? Is it oddly bumpier? Well, I think it’s time to change your struts because the symptoms clearly mean they have gone bad. Luckily, you can replace them on your own or get professional help. So, how long does it take to … Read more

How To Install Grille Guards On Vehicles

frozen grille

Intro In a traffic-prone environment, the risk of vehicles colliding is very high. And in a survey done between 1998 to 2015, it was estimated that 74% of all reported accidents were front-end collisions. This survey shows that front-end collision is more rampant and should be guarded against. And a … Read more

How Much Does a Car Engine Weigh?

car engine

Do you want to know whether your engine’s weight affects your vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency, or longevity? Dive into this write-up to find out. Introduction Automobile technology has been in constant evolution over the decades. Among the components of any newly released vehicle, the engine always attracts the biggest interest … Read more

Transmission Light On: How to Fix It?

transmission light

Having an illuminated transmission light is bad news! There could be several reasons for the transmission light staying on. We’re going to guide you on the different issues you could be facing. But whatever the problem is, resolving it should be a priority. Let’s explore some of the common problems … Read more