Average Salary of Automotive Engineers

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Pictured: Infiniti Engineering Academy students complete a series of challenges as part of their placement. Automotive engineers help shape auto trends, by developing new or improved vehicle designs. Such planning can cover the car’s body, its powertrain system, and other vehicle systems. Engineers make use of computer-assisted technologies to build, … Read more

Average Salary of Automotive Engineering Technicians

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What automotive engineering technicians earn. Automotive engineering technicians work with engineers, examining proposed vehicle designs and changes, and conducting tests. Such tests are performed to gauge an automotive component or system, to measure its performance, efficiency, and durability. Notably, these professionals are part of the broader mechanical engineering technician field … Read more

Average Salary of Automotive Body Technicians

auto body technician

What automotive body technicians earn. Automotive body technicians are tasked with repairing and refinishing automotive vehicle bodies. They may also straighten vehicle frames. Such professionals report to a supervisor to find out which parts are to be restored or replaced. Technicians must examine damage reports and will provide estimates for … Read more

Average Salary of Automotive Service Technicians

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What automotive technicians and car mechanics earn. Automotive service technicians and mechanics are trained to diagnose, adjust and repair vehicles, performing work ranging from accomplishing oil changes to handling complex engine and transmission overhauls. These professionals, numbering more than 664,070 people as of 2022, often receive training through technical schools … Read more