Car Removal 101: 6 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Old Car

Car removal is necessary because old cars could clutter your garage or yard. Generally, it takes up the spaces you may use for other purposes.

It also contains lead hazardous materials, such as lead-acid batteries and lubricating oils, that pose health risks. In addition, old vehicles may have damaged parts that could injure people.

6 Car Removal Strategies

Suppose you’re planning to get rid of your old car anytime soon. In that case, you may need to know how to dispose of it. This article could provide you with the options you need to find the suitable avenue you could make the most of your car disposal. Keep on reading to know more.

1. Seek Car Removal Services

Car removal services are the go-to option if you desire a hassle-free choice; some even offer free pickup service while paying the car owner a negotiated price. You may find these services by typing ‘car removal near me’ on any search engine.

In addition, you may search ‘car removal’ and the name of your city. For example, you may type ‘car removal Hamilton’ if you’re in Hamilton. In choosing a vehicle removal service, you may consider those offering higher car appraisal and a broader area of services and covering most car makes. If the cost of your vehicle repairs is as much as a new car, you may consider junking your old car.

You may tow the car yourself or seek the help of a junk removal company. In some cases, you may receive a handful of money for your car’s scrap metals and parts. Vintage cars with rare features may cost more. Because of this, you may need to research the vehicle you’re planning to get rid of before sending it to the junkyard.

2. Trade-In The Old Car

If your car can still be repaired, you may take it to an auto shop for some quick fixes and parts replacements. These may include windshield repairs, hood replacement, and others. This is an excellent way of restoring your vehicle’s value. After the repairs, you may trade it for another vehicle or sell it in a high-priced deal.

However, while this option promises a high return, overhauling your vehicle can be costly, too. Apart from this, the restoration could still take more time. So, if you need quick car disposal, this might not be the option for you.

car removal recycling

3. Use An Online Platform

Selling pre-loved cars online is manageable because of the vast features of the online car-trading platforms. Typically, online car selling platforms expose vehicles to a significant population of car buyers. Because of this, the prices of old cars can be competitive, benefiting the car seller and owner.

Many online car selling platforms have low to no markup fees and overhead costs. This results in more money on the car owner’s end. In addition, they also have a user-friendly interface where one could bid on or sell a car instantaneously.

In choosing a platform, you may need to consider the one with a volume of listings. You may also pick mobile-friendly platforms, so you could look into your car deal wherever you are.

4. Recycle Your Old Car

If you want an eco-friendly option of getting rid of your car, you may consider recycling it or hiring a scrap car removal service to help you with this. Remove the car battery and other internal portions first. Then, you could depollute your vehicle by removing all the hazardous materials, such as brake fluid and coolant.

After removing these parts, you could proceed to remove the interior portions, such as chairs, dashboard, and floor. Lastly, you may remove the exterior parts, such as the hood and fender. You could continue scrapping the various metal parts until only the frame and chassis remain.

After this, you could repurpose the detached parts. If you have a similar car make, especially the rare types, you could reserve some of the car parts for them.

5. Sell It Yourself

Apart from online platforms and dealerships, you could manually sell your car through other means, such as your social media accounts and classified ads sites like Craigslist. Like in dealerships, your car may also need repairs to improve its performance to increase its marketability. In choosing this option, always have the patience to wait for the price you deserve.

6. Donate It

Donating your car to a charity may not give you plenty of money, but it could save the trouble of towing your vehicle. You’ll also likely have significant tax deductions if your donation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. The amount of the tax deduction is typically equal to the car’s price in the auction.

Wrapping Up

If you’re planning to dispose of your car, consider skimming this article to know the different ways of old car removal. Familiarizing yourself with these options allows you to choose the approach which best suits you. This way, you can maximize your time, money, and effort.

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