199 Catchy Red Car Name Ideas

red Mustang

From blazing sunsets to smoldering embers, few colors evoke passion and intensity like red. No wonder it graces only the hottest supercars and the sleekest custom hot rods. If you think of a Ferrari, you see red. For those who wish to emulate power and confidence on wheels, 8.2 percent … Read more

147 Clever White Car Name Ideas

white Tesla S

As the most popular vehicle color, white cars and trucks account for 26.2% of vehicles sold in the US in 2023 (source). Their crisp, clean aesthetic represents modern style and luxury for many drivers. Yet that sparkling blank canvas of shiny white paint begs for the perfect name. When it … Read more

Fast Facts About Electric Vehicle Battery Life

2021 Ford Mustang Mach E

Battery life and electric vehicles go hand in hand. As the main source for vehicle propulsion, an adequately working battery pack is essential. Just as cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices utilize lithium-ion batteries, so do most electric vehicles. Keeping batteries healthy will prolong use. In EVs, that can … Read more

4 Car Upholstery Cleaning Tips

clean car upholstery'

You are an expert when it comes to keeping your car’s exterior looking great as you carefully wash it, add wax, and detail the wheels regularly. Inside, however, may be another matter, one that you’ve handled by occasionally vacuuming the seats and floors, and applying protectant across the dash and … Read more

How to Detail Your Car Like a Professional

washing car

If you want to get your car to look “showroom new” you can either pay handsomely to have a professional detail it or do the job yourself. For most people, the end result and satisfaction knowing your detailed your own car is even more valuable than the hundreds you would … Read more

How to Talk to a Mechanic

how to speak with mechanic

It was hard enough for you to buy a car. Now, you have to tell your mechanic or automotive technician what is wrong with it. Worse, the same suspicions and doubt you had with the salesman is how you are approaching the technician. You think that you will be misunderstood … Read more

7 Winter Storage Tips For Classic Cars

1959 DeSoto Fireflite

With storms looming and winter just around the corner, it’s time to store your classic car for the cold months ahead. Classic cars require a little extra care when it comes to winter storage, and while it might be a time-consuming process, the steps are important to help ensure optimal … Read more

3 Steps to Replacing a Car Battery

replace car battery

When you least expect it, your car battery fails to turn over, leaving you stranded. If you’re fortunate enough, you’re near a shop, a phone or other public place where help can be quickly summoned and a replacement battery installed. If you’re far from home, on the road or otherwise … Read more

Its Not Too Late For Winter Tires

winter snow tires

Winter has arrived (despite what the calendar says) and the holiday season is in full swing. From Thanksgiving through Christmas and on to New Year’s Day, many families will be traveling at distances not seen since the summer. If your travels include driving, you need to ensure that your car … Read more