Auto Industry Reacts to Coronavirus Threat

COVID-19 is turning the world upside down, with nearly every country and region reporting cases, including deaths. “Business as usual” is no longer the case as companies large and small adjust or in some cases shut down. The auto industry is no exception and has, in fact, seen production stopped … Read more

Calculating Fair Trade-in Values

The deal on the new car has been sealed, but there may be one important matter left undone. And that is calculating the trade-in value, what ultimately might clinch the sale or have the buyer changing his mind and leaving your showroom in search of a better offer elsewhere. Once … Read more

Dealers: Use Open Recalls to Drive Sales

With tens of millions of passenger vehicles recalled over the past year, there is a good chance that your customers own cars with at least one or two open recalls. An open recall means that the recall is incomplete either because the customer has not responded to the notice or … Read more