4 Tips For Driving Safely With Kids In the Car

Whether you’re a highly experienced driver or not, having excited children in the back of the vehicle can be a challenge. As you drive, you may find it difficult to focus on your driving even as you attempt to prevent distractions.

As a result, you are more likely to get in a car accident, which can lead to injuries and costly repairs.

With the ever-increasing number of drivers on the road, traffic might become extremely congested at times. Thus, driving safely saves lives. In turn, following safe practices may eliminate your odds of being in a road accident.

4 Driving Safely Tips

Let’s examine four surefire strategies for driving safely while there are young children in the vehicle.

child in car seat

1. Install the Right Seats

Installation of a child safety seat is one of the best ways to safeguard your children while they’re inside the vehicle. That said, you must use a properly installed age-appropriate child restraint to ensure their safety. Thus, you should follow initial practical instructions so you can get an accurate and secure installation every time you do so.

Car seat laws recommend that the seat should fit firmly in your vehicle, and every child needs a restraint that’s both age- and size-appropriate. With that, you must assess a wide selection of seats to make certain you choose the best ones for your children.

Doing so will help you prevent paying the penalty for violating car seat belt laws once the authorities suspect an inappropriately restrained passenger.

You must remember that a properly installed child safety seat shouldn’t move more than an inch in any direction. That said, you must tighten the seat near the belt path to ensure that there’s less than an inch of movement. For forward-facing seats, the position of the shoulder straps must be above your child’s shoulders. 


If you want to purchase a used car seat for your child, you must ensure that it comes with proper instructions you can follow. More so, you should check if the item hasn’t expired or is more than six years old to ensure its effectiveness.

Furthermore, you must assess if it has visible damage or missing parts that might not be able to protect your child from a possible crash.

2. Avoid Carrying Your Child Away From the Seat While the Vehicle Is Moving

You should never carry an infant on your lap while riding the car because the violent forces of a crash might tear the child from your arms. More so, holding them while you’re not wearing a seat belt might crush them against the dashboard. Also, you must avoid using the same seat belt for two to three children because they might become seriously injured in a crash.

After installing the right seats for your children, you should never remove them from their seats as much as possible. Although you might get distracted whenever they wail, their safety relies on staying properly restrained in case of emergency.

Alternatively, you must find a safe place to pull over if you need to take them out of their seats.

3. Activate The Child Safety Locks

Child safety locks are designed to prevent children from inserting their hands or heads into anything that might be dangerous to them. Activating these tools will prevent rear seat passengers from opening the doors from the inside, especially while the car is in motion.

Children in Car Seats for Driving Safely
Driving safely begins by securing children in car seats

In addition, you won’t have to worry about their safety as they explore their surroundings that may lead into a disaster.

Activating child safety locks would depend on the features and model of your vehicle. However, you can usually find these tools by opening your rear doors and identifying a small switch on the edge of the door. Although you might need a key, some models would require you to operate that switch manually.

If you own a current car model, you might be able to activate these locks electronically so you may find a door control button on your dashboard or steering wheel.

Thus, you should check your vehicle manual so you can successfully understand how to activate the child safety locks in the car. Doing so will provide you a brief insight regarding the most valuable child safety features of your car.

4. Provide Them Entertainment While Traveling In The Car

Traveling long distances with infants and young children in tow isn’t an easy activity. While you’re traveling great distances, they’ll be strapped to a car seat with minimal area for movement. With that, your child might start throwing tantrums, which may increase the number of hours you’ll have to travel to your destination.

Keep your child entertained by packing their snacks that you shall carry beforehand to have a fun family roadtrip. While healthy snacks are preferred, you should add a few of their favorite snacks to keep them occupied. Also, bring along plenty of water and milk in sippy cups to avoid needing to stop for refreshments.

Driving Safely, Key Takeaway

As a driver, your main priority is to keep your eyes on the road so you can ensure the safety of your passengers. That said, you must follow these four strategies so you can keep your children entertained while you’re traveling.

As a result, you won’t have to deal with unnecessary road rage and expensive treatment in case of a crash.

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