2020 GMC Sierra vs Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Pickup Trucks

Pictured above: Summit White and Onyx Black Harley-Davidson GMC Sierra

Branded Harley-Davidson pickup trucks have been quite a commodity for motorcycle enthusiasts and longtime patrons. At the beginning of production in 2000, early versions of cross-branding were done with the Ford F-150 to highlight customer appreciation for trucks. The relationship lasted for 12 years, with Ford selling more than 70,000 specialty models.

After many years of cutting production, Harley-Davidson joins with the Tuscany Motor Company to redesign top truck models like the GMC Sierra and the classic Ford F-150 for their 2020 year. Let’s take a look at what new features come equipped on the special edition Harley-Davidson truck models.

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2020 Harley-Davidson GMC Sierra

This Sierra sports a special Harley-Davidson front fascia.

The current-generation GMC Sierra gets a surprise visit from Harley-Davidson after many years of relying on Ford to be their brand of choice. With the help of Tuscany Motor Company, the redesigned GMC Sierra comes packed with 65 new performance enhancements, interior alterations, and exterior buffs to bring the truck to life.

Subtle Harley notes and modest color choices of Onyx Black, Summit White, and Satin Steel Metallic make these trucks a stunning appeal for any consumer looking to get a special edition truck. However, with only 250 models being produced, these trucks will be a hard commodity to get a hold of.

Performance Features

The GMC Sierra version comes stock with a 10-speed automatic transmission, 6.2-liter V-8 engine, creating a total horsepower of 420. Performance upgrades like a new BDS suspension, FOX performance shocks, and lateral stability bars give this new Harley-Davidson model a ride like no other GMC.

The truck also comes with new 22-inch Harley-Davidson-exclusive Fatboy motorcycle-style wheels and all-terrain Toyo 35-inch tires to complete the look.


GMC Sierra diamond-stitched leather interior.

While performance features are essential, the Sierra wouldn’t be complete without proper Harley-Davidson finishes and improvements on the interior and exterior.

Some noteworthy details that Tuscany upgraded are the front-end grille design that has the Harley logo stamped throughout and the lifted skid plate that has an integrated LED light bar installed. The orange tow hooks and grille outlining complete the Harley-Davidson style exterior design that this truck ultimately needed.

Inside, Harley-Davidson went all out, including name branding and logo finishes throughout. Touches like a glowing orange dashboard, a Harley-Davidson center console design, and orange diamond-stitched leather seats set this model apart.

Every inch of this truck has a Harley-inspired element, all the way down to the bar-and-shield logo carpet floor mats.


No special-edition truck comes cheap though. With only 250 models planned, the price jumps up to $94,995 MSRP. These models became available at authorized GMC dealers beginning of February 2020.

You can also view the full line up at Tuscany Motor Company to preview the full list of available performance features and design enhancements.


2020 Harley-Davidson Ford F-150

Grey Harley-Davidson Ford F-150

After stopping production in 2012, Harley-Davidson first debuted their Ford F-150 model seven years later in 2019. With the return of the duo a success, Harley and Ford recently followed up with an even better 2020 version.

The Ford Raptor-inspired pickup truck gives us a subtle glance at Harley-Davidson heritage mixed with the bold nature of a Ford.

Performance Features

Both the GMC Sierra and Ford F-150 trucks have similar hints of Harley-Davidson features with the customized grilles, FOX performance shocks, and the 22” Fatboy motorcycle-style wheels. However, the main difference between both these trucks lies under the hood.

Harley-Davidson Branded Supercharged V-8 Engine

Ford supercharged V8 with an orange cover.

The Ford F-150 comes stock with a Harley-Davidson branded 700+ Horsepower 5.0-liter supercharged V-8. To support this upgraded engine, Tuscany installed a performance air intake with a high flow filter, an aluminum intercooler, high-performance fuel injectors, and a performance programmer tuned to 700+ HP.

This 2020 engine is a large improvement to the 5-liter V8 or the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine options that were installed on the 2019 Harley-Davidson F-150s.



Other redesigned aspects of the Ford F-150 include very similar upgrades to the GMC Sierra. Each car is equipped with orange stitched diamond leather seats, an orange dash, an improved center console with the Harley-Davidson emblem and numbered console badge, and billet racing pedals.

The true difference that makes the Ford and GMC apart from one another is the added detail to the engine put in the Ford F-150.

Special Edition Orange Dashboard Gauges

The Ford F-150 price tag is somewhat comparable to the GMC Sierra model, but with the added benefit of a supercharged 700+ HP engine, the price tag goes up to $107,725 without the added taxes or fees associated after purchase.

There is still no known release date and no production number rumored at this time, but it may be similar to the 250 mark that caps the GMC Sierra. To view a full list of upgraded features visit the Tuscany Motor Company website.

The Harley-inspired F-150 instrument panel.

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From first thought, it seems odd that a motorcycle company would cross industries to brand a truck. However, Harley-Davidson might be ahead of the game trying to bring recognition back to their brand after recent improvements to target a younger demographic.

With Harley-Davidson being backed by a strong culture, it makes sense to continue branding in other areas like merchandising, event planning, and now, again, automotive redesigning.

Seeing as it has been quite a success from recent years, it leaves the question as to if other businesses or industries will begin reaching out to car re-designers like Tuscany to do different branded vehicles.

Tuscany has already been doing special edition vehicles on a large scale, but with consumers looking for more collaborations like with Harley-Davidson, what stops other businesses that have a cult following like Ferrari or the NFL from designing their own trucks throughout the next 10 years? What kind of car collaborations would you like to see?

To view the full list of trucks that are being redesigned, check out the Tuscany website.

Pickup Truck Specifications

GMC Sierra Specs

Performance Features:

• 6.2L V-8 / 10-speed auto
• Horsepower: 420 / 313 @ 5600 (SAE certified)
• BDS suspension designed for the Harley-Davidson Truck
• Exclusively tuned FOX performance shocks and lateral stability bars
• Front end alignment
• 22” Harley-Davidson Exclusive Fatboy style wheels
• 35” Toyo on/off-road all-terrain tires

Interior Accessories:

• Custom leather seating w/ orange diamond pattern embroidery w/ “Harley-Davidson” Badging
• Piano black accented door panels, console, & dash trim
• Redesigned center console w/ Harley-Davidson emblem and official numbered Harley-Davidson console badge
• Harley-Davidson bar & shield logo carpet floor mats
• Harley-Davidson branded door sill inserts
• Harley-Davidson stainless steel gauges w/ black lighting
• Harley-Davidson billet pedals w/ bar & shield logo
• Deep tinted windows

Exterior Accessories:

• Front end alignment
• Tire sensors recalibrated
• Exclusive power running boards w/ rock guard trim and entry lights
• Color-matched Harley-Davidson designed fender flares
• Custom-matched Harley-Davidson designed fender flares
• Custom-designed front fender vents w/ bar & shield logo
• Harley-Davidson door badging
• Harley-Davidson front bumper redesign w/ accent color skid plate and integrated led light bar
• Full replacement grille assembly w/ bar & shield mesh and “Harley-Davidson” badging
• Harley-Davidson orange tow hooks
• Harley-Davidson designed induction style hood
• Harley-Davidson windshield header
• Color-matched rear bumper redesign
• Performance tuned exhaust with duel billet tips & orange accents
• Tonneau cover w/ debossed bar & shield logo and carpet liner
• Harley-Davidson branded bed rug (floor mat only)
• MSRP: $94,995
• 3-Year/36,000-mile warranty

Ford F-150 Specs

Performance Features:

• 5.0-liter V-8
• Harley-Davidson branded 700+ HP supercharger
• Performance air intake w/ High flow filter
• Aluminum Intercooler
• Upgraded high-performance fuel injectors
• Performance programmer tuned to 700+ HP
• Performance rear traction bars
• BDS suspension exclusively designed for Harley- Davidson
• Harley-Davidson exclusively tuned FOX performance shocks
• 10-speed automatic transmission.
• 22-inch Harley-Davidson Exclusive Fatboy style wheels
• 35-inch Toyo on/off-road all-terrain tires

Interior Accessories:

• Custom leather seat covers with orange diamond pattern embroidery and Harley-Davidson badging.
• Accent color door panels, dash & steering wheel trim
• Harley-Davidson numbered edition console emblem
• Harley-Davidson logo carpeted floor mats
• Harley-Davidson door sill logos
• Harley-Davidson stainless steel gauges
• Billet racing pedals
• Deep tinted windows

Exterior Accessories:

• Power deploying lighted running boards with rock guard trim
• Painted rock guard end caps
• Painted custom fender flares
• Painted front fender vents with bar and shield logo
• Harley-Davidson lettering on front doors
• Painted custom front bumper cover with skid plate
• Full replacement painted grille assembly with accent color
• Honeycomb insert grille
• Honeycomb inserts in the hood
• Led light bar integrated into the front bumper cover
• Front tow hooks
• Full replacement functional ram air hood
• Raptor style hood insert
• Harley-Davidson windshield header
• Flowmaster performance-tuned exhaust
• Dual billet aluminum exhaust tips with orange accents
• Painted custom rear bumper covers
• Harley-Davidson branded tailgate cladding
• Harley-Davidson painted Tonneau cover with carpet liner and embossed bar & shield logo
• Harley-Davidson branded bed rug bed liner
• Front end alignment.
• MSRP: $107,725
• 3-Year/36,000-mile warranty

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