How to Protect Your Car’s Paintwork

When you invest copious sums in a new ride, you want to make certain that you keep it looking its best for many years. After all, though the car will eventually age, retaining its “showroom” look demonstrates pride of ownership. It can also ensure that your vehicle fetches top dollar when you are ready to sell.

Taking care of a car’s paintwork plays a critical role in keeping it looking great. Regular washing and waxing is a start and turning to a company such as EXPEL or Bravo Protection will also help the paint endure. The following are some of the ways to protect your ride.

microfiber towel
Chamois or a microfiber towel is ideal for paintwork.

Keep it Covered

From parking in a garage at home to parking under cover when shopping or at work, your car will avoid damage from sun, hail, and excess dirt. Cars that are exposed to direct sunlight fade faster. Also, leaving your car out in the open exposes it to bird excrement, falling objects such as tree limbs, and moisture damage.

If you do park in a parking garage, avoid parking in exposed areas where other vehicles may hit it. Further, look around the garage and avoid parking underneath an active nest. Birds or rodents may find your vehicle too difficult to avoid!

Purchase a Car Cover

You cannot always park in a protected area. And even if you do, there is always a chance that your vehicle will still be exposed to the elements. This is where a car cover comes in.

Although we are not going to recommend a specific brand, a car cover that is designed and fitted for your precise make and model is best. That way, it fits snugly over the roof, hood, and around the mirrors, giving little chance the cover will blow away or cause moisture to trap underneath.

Look for a car cover that is weatherproof, scratch-resistant, and holds securely in place. If you plan to leave your car covered for days or weeks, then wash your car before covering it. The last thing you want to do is lock in grime you want to keep out as that dirt can damage the paintwork.

Invest in Regular Cleanings

Washing your vehicle on a regular basis is critical to keeping the paintwork looking great for many years. If you can wash your car at home, you will save money over taking it to a car wash.

There are some matters to keep in mind when cleaning your car. First, never use household cleaning agents as they are too harsh for the patina. Second, choose a dedicated car-wash product as these were developed specifically for cars. Third, use separate sponges for the paintwork, tires, and wheels. Fourth, wax your car seasonally.

Before washing your car, rinse it off. Avoid washing it when the paintwork is hot as heat makes the water and soap dry faster. Clean the car with a sponge soaked in a car wash solution, moving it in circles from top to bottom. Thoroughly rinse the vehicle before drying it with chamois or soft terry cloths.

If you do not have access to a tap, then take your car to a brushless car wash for regular cleanings. We recommend undercarriage cleanings at least once annually but more frequently if your car is exposed to road salt, dust, or mud. Purchase a car wash plan and you stand to save significant funds over one-time cleanings.

Paintwork Done Right

In the event that your car is scratched or damaged, head to your dealership to secure touch-up paint that matches your model. Do not cut corners here as even the slightest difference in the paintwork color will show. If you require the services of a body shop, make sure that the colors are matched precisely as well.

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