The Benefits of a Good Winch

Of the various Jeep parts on the market, a winch needs to top the list of essential upgrades. A winch provides recovery support in getting a vehicle out of rocks or sand if it becomes stuck.

It has a wire rope or synthetic line that is spooled out and latched on to a mounting location (e.g., a tree, boulder, etc.) to provide leverage in pulling a Jeep or truck out of a jam. A winch is also useful in successfully fording deep muddy waters.

Get Your Numbers Straight

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The type of Jeep driven and the functions that the driver looks to get from it determine which winch should be purchased. Off road enthusiasts should know the weight of their vehicle. That way, they can better match their winch with the functions and expectations of their Jeep.

Winches are designed for different Jeep weights and sizes.

It is ill-advised to put a 10,000-pound winch on a 10,000-pound vehicle because if the Jeep is stuck in the mud, it basically weighs more. A winch should have a pull rating that exceeds the vehicle weight by 50 percent.

For example, a 10,000-pound rig should be paired with a 15,000-pound winch.

Safety: Bring a Jacket

Experts advise putting a heavy jacket, blanket, or tree limb in the middle of the winch line when pulling.

Here’s why: should the winch line snap, the sheer force behind an out-of-control cable can sever limbs. People have lost arms and other body parts from a winch line suddenly and violently breaking.

A weight hanging in the middle of the cable distributes that energy to the ground and makes it safer for everyone around it. In addition, our experts strongly recommend wearing heavy leather gloves when working with steel winch cables.

A winch apparatus can sometimes unravel and can cause serious hand injuries. Check out this tech guide for more helpful safety guidelines.

Winch Varieties Offered

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An electric winch can be a great option for off-road enthusiasts who find themselves needing that occasional recovery component. This device incorporates sufficient strength and reliability to handle the toughest jams they manage to get into with their Jeep.

For Jeep enthusiasts needing more durability and constant hoisting strength, a hydraulic winch blends with the vehicle’s power steering pump to send enormous hoisting strength as long as the engine is on.

An industrial winch provides that power and dependable quality to handle extreme situations. That is why these winches are used in military and commercial industries.

Both hydraulic and electric industrial winches are sold at various automotive stores throughout the United States. These products deliver when the call of the wild gets a bit wilder than expected.

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