How Long Does it Take to Change Tires?

change your tires

Changing your tires regularly is essential, whether you’re swapping summer tires for winter tires, swapping a flat with a spare, or putting on a whole new set. We live in a busy, busy world, and that means we want things done both well and quickly. In this article, we’re going … Read more

Signs Your Car is Beyond Saving

Rusty Ford

It is not unusual for us to become attached to our vehicles, especially given the amount of time we spend with them. That emotional connection, however, can come at a great cost to you. Especially, as it ages and repair costs surge. There is a time when a vehicle is … Read more

Car Removal 101: 6 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Old Car


Car removal is necessary because old cars could clutter your garage or yard. Generally, it takes up the spaces you may use for other purposes. It also contains lead hazardous materials, such as lead-acid batteries and lubricating oils, that pose health risks. In addition, old vehicles may have damaged parts … Read more

Tire Ratings and Why They’re so Odd

tire code

Tire ratings are downright weird and you may not have known that. Notably, tires are rated for maximum speed with those ratings listed in the form of a variety of letters and numbers on a tire’s sidewall. This “nomenclature” outlines nearly everything about them. Including tire size, construction, and the … Read more

4 Questions Every Driver Should Ask

If you are the owner of a car, there is much to consider before, during, and after the drive. While behind the wheel, “defensive driving” is the operative phrase, a mindset that’s designed to keep you and others safe. But in the grand scheme of driving, there are some questions … Read more

8 Ways to Reduce Gas Consumption

Reducing gas consumption during a shortage. The hacking of the Colonial Pipeline caused a major breakdown in gasoline delivery that has affected drivers mostly in the southeast. Approximately one-third of Americans found that moving about their routine business is anything but that. Hopefully, gas supplies will soon return to normal, … Read more

7 Steps to Buying a New Vehicle

Shopping for a new vehicle can be challenging, especially with prices all over the place. Locating a vehicle is easy, but finding one that won’t cost you more than you should pay for takes extra work. With this in mind, we’ve outlined seven steps to help you find a new … Read more

The Value of Your Vehicle, Post Accident

If you get into an accident, including one that is of no fault to your own, your vehicle’s value will always decrease. Indeed, when independent companies such as Carfax learn about your crash, your vehicle’s worth (market value) will take a hit. Market value is determined by several post-collision factors. … Read more

What Causes a Car to Lose Value?

Your new vehicle loses value immediately, costing you big bucks every year. It is inevitable: you purchase a new vehicle and the moment you drive away from the dealership, its value has already fallen. Passenger vehicles are rarely a good value (or investment) when purchased new, but it is that … Read more

Is It Possible to Beat a Speeding Ticket?

Don’t throw down the towel when you get a speeding ticket. Welcome to the world of speeding tickets! You might have thought you were immune to them, but suddenly a “blue light special” in your rearview mirror shockingly demonstrated otherwise. Tens of thousands of speeding tickets are issued every day … Read more

The GMC Sierra’s MultiPro Tailgate

A 6-trick MultiPro tailgate that might be the tool you always wanted. You may have seen the commercial or perhaps you noticed the additional cut-out line in certain GMC Sierra models to know that there is something different going on. That difference-maker is GMC’s MultiPro tailgate, an optional upgrade on … Read more

The Best Ways to Care for Your Tires

Tires are the only thing that separates your car from the road. Thousands of pounds of automobile are riding on rubber, therefore doesn’t it make sense to keep your tires in great shape? The following are key ways to care for your tires. 1. Check the air pressure. Tires hold … Read more

6 Year-End Car Buying Tips

The best opportunities to purchase a new vehicle is during a manufacturer’s transition times, including model changeover, the end of a generational build, and as the calendar moves from December to January. The following six tips can save you money, enabling you to drive off in a new ride with … Read more

How to Prepare Your Car for a
Long, Hot Summer

Extreme weather can take its toll on your car, making it difficult to get it started on cold mornings and overheating on the hottest days. Summer throws heat, dust, and traffic tie-ups your way, increasing the likelihood that you will face a breakdown. The following preventive maintenance tips can keep … Read more

How to Make a Trade In for a New Lease

2017 Kia Sorento.

Think “trade in” and your mind probably equates that action with purchasing a new car. Although the majority of trade-ins are for a purchase — new or used — you can also trade in your vehicle toward a new car lease. Just as a trade in can function as a … Read more

Lemon Law Guidance for
New Vehicle Owners

When you purchase a new car, you expect it to operate as planned. However, some models are prone to problems and may require multiple visits to the repair shop. A minor problem here and there is understandable, but the situation persists or worsens, then you may own a lemon car. … Read more

4 Common Car Recall Misconceptions

Tens of millions of cars are recalled each year, representing problems that may occur after a car has been sold. Many car recalls are the result of faulty airbags produced by airbag supplier Takata and are found in vehicles produced by more than a dozen manufacturers.[1] Unfortunately, there are common … Read more

IIHS Crash Testing and Your Insurance Premiums

Both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conduct crash tests to determine specific vehicle model safety. Both sources should be considered by consumers when purchasing a new or late-model used vehicle. When it comes to setting auto insurance rates, it is … Read more

6 Points About Buying a Used Car

You’re in the market for a used car, but you don’t know what to expect. Prices are all over the place and if you haven’t bought a car in a while, you’ll likely experience sticker shock, even for a used vehicle. Before you shop, keep the following in mind. Point … Read more

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Your car insurance costs may be on the rise with several factors possibly contributing to that increase. For example, a new driver, a different car or a change in coverage can send your rates soaring. Just the same, you can save money on auto insurance by implementing the following money-wise … Read more

Fuel Types and Your Car

Have you been to a service station lately? Unless you are part of the small cohort of electric vehicle devotees, then you are making regular visits to the fuel pump and shelling out a lot of cash in the process. While visiting the pump, you will find several grades of … Read more

Tire Sidewall Code Deciphering 101

Have you read your tire lately? Perhaps a more accurate question to ask would be this one: do you know how to decipher the codes located on the sidewall of your vehicle’s tires? For many people, that question is answered in the negative. Tire codes may be a mystery, serving … Read more

Gap Insurance May Save You Thousands of Dollars

Here’s an unpleasant thought: you buy a new car and within months it’s stolen or totaled following an accident. You believe that your insurance coverage is excellent, but are soon rudely awakened when your finance company sends you a bill for thousands of dollars. Had you chosen gap insurance, your … Read more