What’s New in Automotive Paint: 2024 Color Trends

C8 Corvette blue

Car colors aren’t just about the aesthetic appeal; they’re a reflection of the times and trends that shape our decisions. While classic hues like white, black, gray, and silver remain favorites, the automotive industry is set to introduce some bold and adventurous choices for those looking to make a statement … Read more

Tire Ratings (and Why They’re So Odd)

tire ratings

Tire ratings are downright weird and you may not have known that. Notably, tires are rated for maximum speed with those ratings listed in the form of a variety of letters and numbers on a tire’s sidewall. This “nomenclature” outlines nearly everything about them. Including tire size, construction, and the … Read more

8 Ways to Reduce Gas Consumption and Save Money

Reducing gas consumption during a shortage. The hacking of the Colonial Pipeline caused a major breakdown in gasoline delivery that has affected drivers mostly in the southeast. Approximately one-third of Americans found that moving about their routine business is anything but that. Hopefully, gas supplies will soon return to normal, … Read more