Can You Do a Trade-In On a Lease?

trade in on lease

Think “trade in” and your mind probably equates that action with purchasing a new car. Although the majority of trade-ins are for a purchase (new or used), yes, you can trade in your vehicle toward a new car lease. Just as a trade in can function as a down payment … Read more

What’s New in Automotive Paint: 2024 Color Trends

C8 Corvette blue

Car colors aren’t just about the aesthetic appeal; they’re a reflection of the times and trends that shape our decisions. While classic hues like white, black, gray, and silver remain favorites, the automotive industry is set to introduce some bold and adventurous choices for those looking to make a statement … Read more

6 Functions of the GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate

GMC Sierra Multipro tailgate

A 6-trick MultiPro tailgate that might be the tool you always wanted. You may have seen the commercial or perhaps you noticed the additional cut-out line in certain GMC Sierra models to know that there is something different going on. That difference-maker is GMC’s MultiPro tailgate, an optional upgrade on … Read more