142 Unique Silver Car Name Ideas

2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S silver

Like a glinting jewel or freshly minted coin, few colors dazzle and impress quite like silver. 11.7% of vehicles on our roads today don this metallic hue, trailing only white, black, and gray. Much like silver itself, associated names should evoke qualities like style, creativity and intellect. If you picture … Read more

199 Catchy Red Car Name Ideas

red Mustang

From blazing sunsets to smoldering embers, few colors evoke passion and intensity like red. No wonder it graces only the hottest supercars and the sleekest custom hot rods. If you think of a Ferrari, you see red. For those who wish to emulate power and confidence on wheels, 8.2 percent … Read more

149 Unique Black Car Name Ideas

2019 Dodge Charger Daytona 392 black

When that shiny black beauty rolls up with its tinted windows and custom rims, everyone takes notice. Black vehicles make up over 20% of vehicles sold today (21.8% to be exact), prized for their sleek mystique and powerful allure. Only white vehicles are more popular. Just like clothing, the color … Read more

125 Imaginative Gray Car Name Ideas

2021 Audi RS6 nardo gray

Like a morning fog rolling over the landscape, gray vehicles impress with their subtle mystique, blending style and versatility. As the third most popular car color (between black and silver), 19.2% of vehicles cruise our streets in various shades of granite, steel, and charcoal. Such cool, muted palettes allow owners’ … Read more

157 Original Green Car Name Ideas

2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon gecko green

As the famous song goes, “it’s not easy being green” – but for the miniscule 1% of vehicle owners embracing green paint jobs, their bold color choice demands equal vim and vigor in naming their ride. From deep forest greens on luxury sedans to vibrant lime hot rods, green exteriors … Read more

147 Clever White Car Name Ideas

white Tesla S

As the most popular vehicle color, white cars and trucks account for 26.2% of vehicles sold in the US in 2023 (source). Their crisp, clean aesthetic represents modern style and luxury for many drivers. Yet that sparkling blank canvas of shiny white paint begs for the perfect name. When it … Read more

The History of the BMW Z8

2002 BMW Z8 silver

With its sleek, retro-inspired design, the BMW Z8 captured the classic roadster charm of the 50s while delivering modern performance. It was aimed at evoking the classic appeal of the 1950s BMW 507, and, thanks to the design team led by Chris Bangle and Henrik Fisker (who’d go on to … Read more

2024 Honda Accord Review

2024 Honda Accord review

Following its 2023 overhaul launching its eleventh generation, the 2024 Honda Accord returns with no major changes. What has changed is customer demand for the hybrid variant, now accounting for just over half of all sales. The Accord remains a strong seller in a shrinking segment, riding on its stellar … Read more

The History of the Dodge Nitro

Dodge Nitro history

The Dodge Nitro, a compact sport utility vehicle (SUV), made its grand entrance into the automotive world back in 2006, creating quite a stir in the SUV market. Known for its aggressive styling and unique presence on the roads, this compact SUV was an exciting addition to the Dodge lineup. … Read more