Vietnamese Automaker VinFast Seeks Billions From Stock IPO

A burgeoning Vietnam economy enjoys steady growth. It has been nearly two years since we mentioned VinFast, the first mass-produced Vietnamese automaker. The company launched a few years ago, selling cars with BMW-licensed engines. Although sales are numbering just a few thousand units per month as recently as early this … Read more

Fuji Heavy Industries Rebrands as Subaru Corp.

Little known Fuji Heavy Industries to assume subsidiary’s well-known name. Subaru WRX. In 1953, Fuji Heavy Industries (Fuji) was formed, a company based on five companies originally derived from the Aircraft Research Laboratory (ARL), itself founded in 1917. Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster, representing the … Read more

Cadillac House Serves Coffee, Not Cars

Grabbing a cup of joe in a setting featuring art and fashion collections is not a new concept to New York. Only this shop also offers a rotating assemblage of Cadillac models in an effort to raise brand awareness. The next time you’re in New York, you may want to … Read more