Gone in a Flash: Pontiac G8

Automotive models come and go, but the Pontiac G8’s two-year run is one of the shortest on record. Introduced in 2008, the full-size G8 sedan was canceled in 2009, following parent GM’s bankruptcy and restructuring that shut down the Pontiac brand. Just as quickly as the Pontiac G8 showed up … Read more

5 Models at Death’s Door

Updated to clarify that the sales numbers are “year-to-date.”  Automobile manufacturers work diligently to ensure that every conceived product has the potential to become a competitive sales reality. Apart from electric vehicles that have limited interest, automakers design, engineer and build models they believe will make an impact on the … Read more

About the 2014 Chevrolet SS

The Chevrolet SS is imported from Australia, a five-passenger rear-wheel-drive sport sedan powered by a big V-8 engine. This model represents Chevrolet’s first performance sedan since 1996, joining the Corvette and Camaro in Chevy’s performance arsenal. Pricing for the new model begins at $44,470; the Chevrolet SS is sold in … Read more