5 Models at Death’s Door

Updated to clarify that the sales numbers are “year-to-date.”  Automobile manufacturers work diligently to ensure that every conceived product has the potential to become a competitive sales reality. Apart from electric vehicles that have limited interest, automakers design, engineer and build models they believe will make an impact on the … Read more

Meticulous Product Changes Propel Honda

Help me Honda. For much of the first two decades of Honda’s US marketing thrust, the brand relied on just three models and variants of the same for its business: Civic, Accord and Prelude. But by the late 1990s, Honda’s product line had doubled. Today, there are 10 lines of … Read more

13 Top Fuel Efficient 2015 Models by Category

The 300h is the hybrid variant for the Lexus NX. With gasoline prices trending somewhere below $2.50 per gallon, the rush to fuel-efficient vehicles has certainly come to a grinding halt. On the other hand, demand for pickup trucks, large utility vehicles and other less-efficient models has soared. Even though … Read more