Avenir Concept Leads to New Buick Design Fascia

The Avenir concept will be reflected in the next generation LaCrosse grille. Buick will soon sport a new face. And that front fascia will be based on none other than the Buick Avenir concept, a large rear-wheel drive vehicle that itself has not been officially promised. On Tuesday, Buick disclosed … Read more

Opel Adam to Buick, Not Chevrolet

Jam, Glam & Slam to the US? Last week, Auto Trends looked at Buick’s expanding line up, particularly its connection to Opel that will likely yield at least two new models. A third model is also planned, one based on the not-yet-released Envision crossover for the Chinese market. Opel Adam … Read more

Expanding Buick by Revisiting Opel

The Buick brand is 110-years-old. Does Riviera have a future in Buick? Until GM killed off Saturn, Opel was the product partner for the planetary brand. With Saturn out of the way, Buick has taken over that spot with its Regal sedan representing its current and only Opel-derived offering. Yes, … Read more