5 Models at Death’s Door

Updated to clarify that the sales numbers are “year-to-date.”  Automobile manufacturers work diligently to ensure that every conceived product has the potential to become a competitive sales reality. Apart from electric vehicles that have limited interest, automakers design, engineer and build models they believe will make an impact on the … Read more

Replacement Models May Bolster Scion

Scion is either a distinct brand or a sub-brand of Toyota, depending on the way that you examine it. Scions are registered under their own nameplate, but Toyota treats it as a sub-brand. Furthermore, not every Toyota dealership carries Scion, the only place you will find them. At the Beginning … Read more

13 Top Fuel Efficient 2015 Models by Category

The 300h is the hybrid variant for the Lexus NX. With gasoline prices trending somewhere below $2.50 per gallon, the rush to fuel-efficient vehicles has certainly come to a grinding halt. On the other hand, demand for pickup trucks, large utility vehicles and other less-efficient models has soared. Even though … Read more