Insurance Deductibles Are Not Always What They Seem

Auto insurance deductibles play an important role in protecting your vehicle. That said, they are not always what they seem. This statement does not mean that such a deduction does not work as intended. Instead, there are factors present that determine whether the deductible is used or not and whether … Read more

What is Full Coverage Car Insurance?

Full coverage car insurance suggests a combination of auto insurance coverage for your vehicle. Although typically not marketed as such, “full coverage” suggests a full level of protection that is appropriate for a new vehicle. At a minimum, it is insurance that covers you and your vehicle. With full or … Read more

Car Insurance for the Poor? Good Luck With That.

Renters may pay much more for their auto insurance coverage than do homeowners. If you’re a low-income individual, more than likely you rent your home and don’t own it. Even if you’re a good driver, obtaining affordable car insurance is more costly for renters, than for homeowners, a fact recently uncovered by … Read more