Now Hiring: Volkswagen Adding 2,000 New Jobs in Tennessee

Volkswagen is on pace to become the world’s most productive car manufacturer, a goal it should attain this year. Its US sales have performed poorly, due in large part to a dearth of alluring models. A new, 7-passenger crossover utility vehicle may help reverse its North American fortunes, with production … Read more

Volkswagen Expands Tennessee Investment, Adds New Model

Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept to Become a Reality Concept vehicle to become a 2017 model year reality. The Volkswagen Group announced on Monday a commitment to build a new midsize sport utility vehicle at its sole US manufacturing plant. The automaker said that it will invest $900 million to expand its … Read more

Diesel Hybrid: Volkswagen CrossBlue SUV Concept

First ever diesel hybrid showcased by VW. Since the late 1990s, we have seen a slew of hybrid vehicles enter the market with Honda and Toyota leading the way. Other manufacturers including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Hyundai and Kia have jumped in, while the German companies have chosen to stay out … Read more