Revised February 11, 2020, to supersede all previous guidelines.

Auto Trends Magazine welcomes contributions from guest writers.  At this time, we cannot pay our contributors, however, we do offer an excellent opportunity for people wanting to gain recognition from within the automotive community.

Write For Us

If you are interested in writing for the magazine, please send a succinct message outlining your topic details to our email account at admin @ autotrends.org. More information is listed below. Please familiarize yourself with the type of content already on the site. Please be original: we’re not looking for a rehash of a topic already covered.

Please do not use the contact form to include your article. If we are interested in your topic, we will contact you and supply an email address for your submission.

Guest Post Guidelines

Essentially, we want the following from you:

  • Background information including your experience writing about cars. You do not need to be a professional automotive writer, but it would certainly help your cause if you supplied related links to some of your best work. Incomplete inquiries are ignored.
  • We cannot republish your press release. However, if your company recently released a new automotive product such as a car part or accessory, then that information may be of interest to our readers. What you offer to the Magazine must be original material; not a copy of your release.
  • The theme of this site is about industry trends, therefore please keep your subject as close to that topic as possible. We might consider your personal experience driving a car if that story is interesting, relevant and unique. Again, we are not looking to republish previously published material and you must agree not to publish your article elsewhere.
  • Please reference our Style Guide for detailed instructions regarding style and voice.

If we accept your article, then please include a biography that can include up to two links. These links can go to separate sites, but they should not be search engine optimized artificially. We will give you a byline for your work. All photos submitted with your article must have the permission of the photographer for inclusion in the Magazine. Photos not attributed will not be used.

Submit An Article

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