Style Guide

Revised February 11, 2020, superseding all previous guidelines.

Thank you for your interest in writing for Auto Trends Magazine. Our guidelines have changed; please carefully follow our instructions as you finalize your submission.


Third-person works are required (with a few exceptions — please contact us). Please consult the AP Stylebook and use the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary along with the guidelines that follow as you craft your article. All subsequent references to “Auto Trends Magazine” herein are referenced as the magazine.


The minimum word length for submissions is 600 words. On special occasions, the magazine will accept original news pieces that are from 400 words. We do accept and even prefer longer works; please contact us for guidance and approval.

We welcome a variety of topics with an emphasis on news, product reviews, and lists. Strategy, how-to and fact sheet type articles can also be useful.

As you write, you must be clear and concise. Never assume that the reader understands the language that is common to automotive journalists. Explain the differences between products and provide details that might otherwise not be known. For instance, the Hyundai Ioniq is sold in Blue, SE, SEL, and Limited trim levels. It is also available as a standard hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, or as a pure electric vehicle with varying trim levels offered. You can add value to your article by supplying comparisons and contrasts to competing products.


Articles should be submitted as Microsoft documents (.doc or .docx). You will be provided an email address for attaching and forwarding your document.

Include a title for your article. Subheads, photos with captions and your author information are important. You may split lengthy paragraphs into smaller units. Please be advised that we will edit your layout as per our discretion. Avoid keyword saturation, using keyword terms no more than once per 100 words. You may, however, use alternative phrases — the Google Keyword Tool can be invaluable here.

Your author information should be accurate, succinct, and interesting. You can make a product pitch in that section and provide links to one or two of your sites. We can provide an account for you to manage, whereby you may maintain and update your information. As far as social media, feel free to forward links to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

All information supplied in your article must be original. Use quotation marks when quoting a source. All articles are checked by Copyscape with 98 percent originality required. We may make allowance for a lower percentage of originality on a case-by-case basis.


Once you have finished your article, please check it for accuracy. Contact your sources as needed to verify data. Forward your article to the magazine’s email address as provided. We may perform light edits before placing your article in the queue.

Once your article is ready for publishing, the magazine will notify you. We’ll send a link after the article is live. Once live, please share your article via your contacts. The magazine maintains Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts to extend social media distribution; please share your article among your own sources as well.