After the Crash: Replace the Car Seat?

Timely tips for Child Passenger Safety Week You never saw it coming. A driver cuts into your lane, clips your right front fender, spins your SUV and forces it into a guardrail. The airbags deploy, you’re momentarily stunned and then suddenly you’re jarred into full alert mode as your toddler … Read more

How to Keep Children Safe in a Crash

Children need special protection when riding in a car. More than 30,000 Americans die in car crashes each year, including 1,300 children aged 12 and younger. Car safety begins by properly buckling in all occupants with special consideration given to ensuring that children are adequately protected. The kind of protection … Read more

Sweet Swede: 2015.5 Volvo XC60 T6 Drive-E

On the road with a Swedish wagon. You are to be forgiven if you have have some difficulty placing the Volvo XC60 in the right category. This model is a cross between the traditional station wagon and a utility vehicle, what some might consider a “tall wagon” while others would … Read more