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Auto Trends Magazine was launched in April 2008 to provide a website where consumers are able to learn about the latest new cars and automotive trends as well as a variety of content covering new car reviews, automotive maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, and driving advice.

As of 2024, Auto Trends has published well over 600 new vehicle reviews over the years.

To understand how we review new vehicles, see here: Life in the Fast Lane: Our Car Review Process

Additional articles on this site are culled from a number of sources and developed accordingly. We do not post press releases but may use that information as a springboard to develop a related or different story.

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Most of our articles are written objectively with opinion pieces generally confined to our comments section. However, we will often share with you our honest assessment about a vehicle, company, or the industry as a whole, details that can help you with your purchase decision.

You may reach us via our Contact Page or by leaving a comment at the bottom of each respective article. Thanks for visiting!

2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited review Matt
Matt after reviewing a 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Our Team

Steve is the owner of Auto Trends Magazine and a former ASE Certified Technician who holds a degree in automotive service technology from Weber State. When he's not searching for a 10mm socket in his garage, he enjoys a good BBQ with family and friends.
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Matt has maintained his love for cars ever since his father taught him kicking tires can be one way to uncover a problem with a vehicle’s suspension system. He since moved on to learn a few things about coefficient of drag, G-forces, toe-heel shifting, and how to work the crazy infotainment system in some random weekly driver. Matt is a member of the Washington Automotive Press Association and is a contributor to various print and online media sources including NAPA, CarsDirect, CapitalOne, and Driven Autos.
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Cristian Pușcașu started loving cars and wanted to become a “racing driver” thanks to some computer game that lit the fire almost two decades ago. Since then, he came to his senses and decided that becoming an automotive engineer is more sensible, and pursued such a degree in his home country, Romania. Cristian decided to try writing about what he learned, in an attempt to correct certain misconceptions and to use his soon-to-be degree a bit unconventionally.
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Josh has worked as a full-time mechanic for over 12 years, with 6 ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certifications under his belt. He began his career as an automotive technician at local Toyota dealership and has since transitioned to specializing in diesel trucks and equipment.
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Dylan has years of copywriting experience, covering auto news, trends and similar topics. He’s passionate about taking care of his own (admittedly humble) Nissan Juke while writing about far more interesting cars in Harrisburg, PA.
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Richard McCuistian has almost 50 years of automotive experience as a professional technician (30+ years of ASE certification), teaching college-level auto mechanics, and working as the Senior Contributing Editor of Motor Age Magazine. He has won two International Automotive Media Awards (in 2006 and 2008) for technical articles published in trade magazines. You can find him at his popular "McCuistian" YouTube channel which has over 1,400 videos, 18,000 subscribers, and 7,300,000 page views.
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Al is a legit car fanatic and has been for the last 20 or so years. He's a JDM car aficionado who dreams of one day building a Veilside RX7 FD with 2UZ motor swap. Al likes to spend the weekends mobbing through the Colorado mountains in his well-used 2004 Toyota Sequoia to try to catch the best sunset. Follow him on Instagram @avseiz.
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