7 Steps to Buying a New Vehicle

Shopping for a new vehicle can be challenging, especially with prices all over the place. Locating a vehicle is easy, but finding one that won’t cost you more than you should pay for takes extra work. With this in mind, we’ve outlined seven steps to help you find a new … Read more

Got a Recall? There’s an App for That.

A helpful recall app. Consumers have heard plenty these past few years about automotive recalls, especially those involving airbags supplied by Takata. Tens of millions of cars are currently affected by airbags that may release dangerous projectiles on deployment. But the Takata mess is just the tip of a recall … Read more

Waymo Expands Commitment to Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Waymo nears deployment of its self-driving vehicle fleet. The minivan segment continues to contract with Nissan the latest manufacturer to make an exit. Only one manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler (FCA), has managed to avoid the double-digit losses experienced by its competitors, thanks in large part to demand for its newest model, … Read more

Chrysler, Google Project: Start of Something Big?

If Fiat Chrysler is looking for a partner, it may do well to look outside of the auto industry. If Fiat Chrysler is looking for a partner, it may do well to look outside of the auto industry. CEO Sergio Marchionne’s overtures to GM and Ford have been rebuffed. Other … Read more

Apple’s Project Titan Autonomous Car

From the rumor files. Computer and consumer electronics authority Apple Inc. has its eyes intently focused on the automotive industry. And not just through its Apple CarPlay initiative, what works with the telematics systems found in select new cars. Automobile by Apple: iCar? No, Apple wants to manufacture the car … Read more

Are Driverless Cars Really That Far-Fetched?

In 1939, American theatrical designer Normal Bel Geddes put together his vision of the future at the New York World’s Fair. The showcase was called ‘Futurama’ and allowed Bel Geddes to highlight his vision of New York in 1959; featuring city roads filled with fully autonomous electric vehicles. His vision … Read more