Journalist Survey: Social Media Participation

The methods journalists use to share content has changed remarkably, especially since the advent of social media. No longer can PR professionals and marketers pitch journalists without considering their current needs. Journalism has evolved over the past two decades, largely making the transition from print to online media. That metamorphosis … Read more

Midlife Crisis or a Buying Opportunity?

What some men and women encounter as they approach the midpoint of their lives. For some, car buying satisfies their quest to harness a slice of their once remembered youthful past. Some men and women, especially when they hit a certain age, make impulsive decisions, including not a few that … Read more

MTV Says: Millennials Love Their Cars!

Immediately following the Washington Auto Show — where some policy makers insist that young people are getting their licenses later and driving less than their counterparts of even 50 years ago — a study conducted on behalf of MTV strongly suggests otherwise. Indeed, the “Millennials Have Drive” research study — … Read more

Flummoxed by New Car Technology? You Are Not Alone.

J.D. Power 2014 Multimedia Quality and Satisfaction Study reveals much. New car owners love their technologies, but only when they work right. Today’s cars offer a varying range of audio, communication, entertainment and navigation (ACEN) systems with hand touches, finger gestures, buttons, knobs and voice commands among the ways that … Read more

Yawn! What Drivers Do to Fight Sleepiness.

Most methods for combatting sleepiness do not work. Mile after mile of interstate driving can takes its toll on any driver. Including at night and especially during the early hours of the morning. A feeling of sleepiness begins to creep in and before you know it your head is moving … Read more

MRY Study Reveals That We Still Love Our Cars

And don’t touch our smartphones! American consumers are not about to give up their cars despite the rise in popularity of car sharing services such as Zipcar. A Jan. 2014 study conducted by MRY with Whitman Insight Strategies and released this month surveyed 1,000 people across the United States, evenly … Read more

University of Michigan: Connected Vehicle Favorability Confirmed

A survey of public opinion about connected vehicles was recently conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). That survey, authored by Brandon Schoettle (project manager) and Michael Sivak (research professor), revealed that the majority of people surveyed in three predominately English-speaking countries (US, UK, and Australia) had … Read more