The Science Behind Radial Tire Design

radial tires

Radial tires are a Michelin invention. Tires are the most important component found on your car and are sometimes still overlooked. They are the only way the car touches the ground to create grip. Thus, tires were a significant concern for engineers, who managed to discover and revolutionize the tire … Read more

Winter Driving School the Michelin and Tire Rack Way

Michelin Tire Rack winter driving school

On the campus of the University of Notre Dame. Think “winter driving school” and you might imagine yourself navigating switchbacks in the Rockies on studded tires or with all-season radials wrapped in chains. Indeed, how else might you learn whether a four-set of Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 tires will you … Read more

How to Fix Cracked Tires (Step-By-Step Guide)

cracked tires

The sight of cracked tires can ruin your day. While small cracks in tires are often normal and purely cosmetic, it’s the larger, more noticeable cracks you need to worry about. Moderate to severe tire cracks can affect your vehicle’s drivability and become a huge safety risk if ignored. To … Read more