6 Tips for Mounting a Laptop in a Car

Many people utilize laptops in their cars for a variety of reasons. From typing up work reports to listening to music to checking commercial project progress while on the road, there are always reasons to stay connected.

But this can quickly become a major problem if you don’t have an easy way to mount your laptop in your vehicle. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to find the right setup for your laptop.

Here are six tips to mount your laptop in your car and return to business.

Tips For Mounting a Laptop in a Vehicle

1. Find The Right Mounting Device for Your Laptop

There must be a better way use a laptop in a car.

The right mounting device will allow you to view your laptop screen at a comfortable angle and work on the keyboard without bending into awkward positions. Notably, if it is difficult or impossible for you to type while holding your arm out in front of you, there are plenty of other options available to help you boost your productivity.

When searching for the mount that’s right for you, you will want to be on the lookout for high-quality, sturdy materials and easy attachment options. Further, the majority of laptop mounts will need to be installed with screws and other tools to maintain their stability, but there are a handful of varieties that require no drilling at all!

2. Position Your Laptop In a Safe Place

Whether you spend a few hours checking work progress in a business truck like the GMC Sierra or spend your working days as service personnel in a van like the Ford Transit, the best place to mount a laptop is over your center console or near your passenger seat.

For instance, not only is this position easy to reach, but it will keep your device safe from spills or physical damage in the event of an accident. Furthermore, it will also allow you to avoid placing your laptop near the air conditioner or windshield, which would expose it to varying temperatures that impact your device’s performance.

3. Secure Your Laptop With Clamps, Straps, or Screws

Even with a proper laptop mount for your car, you can’t rely on it to hold your laptop securely if you have not employed the provided clamps, screws, or straps. For instance, you must ensure you have got a tight grip on your device by securing it to the mount to keep it from moving around when you are driving.

A good mount should also be adjustable so that you can conveniently change the orientation of your laptop to be more comfortable and convenient.

A quality laptop mount for your car should be able to hold your laptop securely without applying pressure or torque on the screen, which can damage it. Moreover, when using a mount that clamps onto the bottom of your device or holds it in place with an adjustable strap around its edges, ensuring there are no sharp surfaces for your machine to bump against when you’re driving.

4. Install An Anti-theft Alarm System For Laptops

Car theft rates may have dropped in recent years, but laptop and mobile device theft are still fairly common. To prevent thieves from taking your device—and all of the important information it contains—you should invest in an anti-theft alarm system.

They are affordable and can help keep you safe while traveling with your device. Further, there are even certain systems that plug into a 12V outlet, so they will work when there is no power source available (perfect for car camping).

The right alarm should be able to detect motion, vibrations, and even someone attempting to open the laptop and send you mobile notifications.

5. Position Your Laptop Properly to Avoid Strain On Wrists, Arms, And Neck

Another tip for successfully mounting a laptop in your car is to position it properly to avoid strain on your wrists, arms, and neck. Specifically, position the laptop so that you do not need to reach too far or stretch your hands to access all the keys.

For example, if you are using a traditional keyboard layout, you will want to place the keyboard at a height where your wrists are nearly straight and not bent. In particular, consider acquiring a keyboard tray so that it will allow you to position your hands in a comfortable and neutral position.

6. Utilize A Protective Case Or Sleeve To Guard Against Damage

Utilize a protective case or sleeve to protect your device from bumps and scratches when on the road. If you do not have one, use your bag for added protection. Keep in mind that your laptop is valuable to you, and you rely on it to accomplish your work done.

Consequently, protect it from the dangers of travel by using caution whenever it’s in your work truck, SUV, or van. Once you are finished using it, place it back inside and zip up your bag to keep it safe.

Mounting a Laptop in a Car is Rather Straightforward

Mounting a laptop in a car is mostly straightforward. Certainly, with research, you can find the right type of mount that is compatible with your device. It then takes employing simple steps to ensure everything fits securely. Go ahead and enjoy your drive as you take your work on the road.

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