Average Salary of Automotive Glass Installers and Repairers

What automotive glass installers and repairers earn.

You are zipping down the interstate and without warning an unknown piece of debris flies up, hits your windshield and sails over the roof of your car. Startled, you continue on your way, but soon notice a pin-sized hole in your windshield. That hole will only grow if it is not repaired, possibly causing the entire windshield to crack and break if you neglect the repair.

Automotive glass installers and repairers have an important job replacing and repairing damaged windshields and windows so we can drive safely again. But how much do these technicians typically earn each year?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, automotive glass installers and repairers earn an average annual salary of $43,900 per year as of 2022. These individuals number just 17,370 across the US.

Average Pay for Automotive Glass Installers

The median pay for automotive glass installers and repairers was $43,700 in 2022 according to the BLS. Those in the 10th percentile averaged $29,650 per year while those in the 25th percentile earned $36,030.

Glass installers in the 75th percentile averaged $49,580 per year and those in the 90th percentile earned $59,900 annually.

Largest Industries

Automotive repair businesses and car manufacturers employ the largest number of glass installer and repairers. Companies such as Safelite AutoGlass typically send technicians to the location of a vehicle to remove the old glass and install new glass. Some technicians work in body shops or related repair shops. Others work in manufacturing plants.

By Location

Automotive glass installers and repairers can be found in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Washington, with an average yearly pay of $54,510, lead all states as of 2022. Massachusetts at $50,680, Minnesota at $50,680, New York at $49,330, and California at $48,120 followed.

At the bottom end of the pay spectrum are states such as South Dakota, Alabama, Louisiana, and Nebraska which pay somewhere in the range of $33,520 to $39,710 per year.

Training for Automotive Glass Installers

Most repairers and installers have a high school diploma or equivalent. Some have completed technical school, receiving training in body work.

Workers may be hired and trained by a company, but should possess expertise and experience working with such tools as cutting knives, pullers, screwdrivers and power buffers. Mechanical aptitude, mathematical skills and customer service skills are important for this position.

Job Outlook

The BLS is estimating little to no change in job growth for automotive glass installers and repairers for the 2022 to 2032 time period. Approximately 15,100 openings are forecast as workers retire, move on to other jobs, or move up in the industry.

With more than 278 million vehicles registered in the United States, there will always be a need for people to fix cracked windshields and replace other automotive glass (especially in areas with new construction).

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