Sony Honda Mobility Inc. is a Go

electric charge painted

It is no secret that tech giant Sony desires to build automobiles. The company showcased a pair of EV concepts earlier this year, intending to find a partner to bring these models to the market. After a brief search, Sony is tapping Honda to bring its dreams to fruition. The … Read more

GM Plots Return to Europe

Map of Europe

EVs and mobility seem right for Europe. For nine decades, the General Motors Company was a significant player in the European market. In 2017, the company sold its money-losing Opel and Vauxhall brands to Peugeot Citroen, which are now under the Stellantis umbrella. Along with winding down sales of Chevrolet, … Read more

Honda Going Electric, But First Hybrids

Honda Accord Hybrid

Just as the entire auto industry is preparing a wholesale shift to full-electric vehicles, Honda is doing likewise. In the meantime, the company is planning to introduce a series of hybrid electric vehicles ahead of the transition. Specifically, Honda is building on its decades of gas-electric experience to outfit several … Read more

GM Plans to Go Beyond EVs With Fuel Cells Expanding Electrification

GM Hydrotec Empower

GM may be a leader in all matters automotive, but it also has a stake in other sectors, including fuel cells and related technologies. Today, the company revealed three new industrial applications of its HYDROTEC fuel cell technology. The HYDROTEC projects, which are presently in progress, range from heavy-duty trucks … Read more

What is the Honda City?

Honda City

The Honda City is a subcompact sedan that was first revealed by Honda in 1981. The car was meant for Japan and other select markets like Australia and Europe, which is why it was initially produced as a hatchback. At that time, hatchbacks were popular in Europe, and Honda was … Read more

Farewell to the Toyota Avalon, Acura NSX

blue convertible

So long, farewell to two more models. The number of car models available continues to shrink, as manufacturers prioritize other body styles. Specifically, utility vehicles and trucks. We are not all that surprised when a model goes away. Although some like the previously dropped Ford Taurus and the on-again, off-again … Read more

What is the Honda BR-V?

Honda BR-V

The Honda BR-V is one in a series of articles examining makes and/or models not sold in the U.S. market. The Honda BR-V is a sub-compact crossover introduced by the Japanese automotive brand in 2016. Honda took this route since it wanted to infiltrate the lower-end crossover market. So, they … Read more

Prologue is the New Honda BEV

Honda FCV

Prologue is the start of something new for Honda. Like other manufacturers, Honda is pursuing a path to vehicle electrification. However, unlike most competitors, they are not going this road alone. At least not initially. As the first half of 2021 draws to a close, Honda’s North American operation announced … Read more

Going Electric: Manufacturer Investment in EV Technology

The race is on! Automotive manufacturers the world over are transitioning to electric vehicles. Or at least that is the current plan. Mark “2021” as the year when automakers saw the light, by committing billions to support their electrification efforts. Almost daily, we are hearing new commitments from manufacturers that … Read more

Honda CR-V: Is This the Best Small Crossover?

Honda’s compact crossover remains a safe bet. Shopping for a new vehicle is never easy, as there are so many makes, models, trims, and package options to consider. Even if you narrow the list considerably, there’s always the risk you’ll drive away with something less than the ideal vehicle. But … Read more

Coronavirus Strikes; Industry Reacts

It was only a matter of time before the U.S. auto industry reacted to the coronavirus pandemic, as both domestic and foreign-based manufacturers announced plans this week to thwart the spread of the contagion. The action taken varies from automaker to automaker, but ultimately a full production shut down ranging … Read more

Sporty Performer: Honda Civic Si

The Honda Civic is a compact car, available in coupe, hatchback, and sedan body styles. Along with the midsize Accord sedan and the compact CRV crossover, these three models comprise the lion’s share of Honda’s annual sales in the U.S. Since its 1973 release, the Civic has grown from a … Read more

By the Numbers: 2020 Honda Accord

The 2020 Honda Accord is a roomy, midsize sedan and one of the best-selling models in its segment. This front-wheel-drive model is joined by the Fit (subcompact) and Accord (compact) cars. You’ll also find a range of Clarity electrified models, which are roughly the same size as the Accord. For … Read more

History of the Honda Civic

A casual look at the automotive landscape over the past half-century and you will see how the Japanese automakers have penetrated the US market to become the automotive powerhouses that they are known as today. From humble beginnings in the late 1950s to its market strength today, companies such as … Read more

Dogs, Drivers, and the Honda Element

The Honda Element is a vehicle that defies easy categorization. One part utility vehicle, another part car, the Element is a multipurpose vehicle prized by pet owners for its available dog-friendly components. This four-passenger model had a nine-year model run, with production ending in 2011. Honda Element Overview Two iterations … Read more

These Car Models May Soon Get the Axe

Sharply declining sales may spell the end for several car models. The U.S. automotive market, indeed the entire global market has seen a shift away from cars to utility vehicles. Cars, while valued for their practicality and reasonable cost are yielding the market to utility vehicles, which offer an excellent … Read more

Isuzu, Toyota Part Ways…Sort Of

Do you remember the Toyota-Isuzu partnership? Probably not, as these two Japanese automakers are at polar opposites in their involvement in the U.S. market. Indeed, Toyota is one of the top brands in the U.S., while Isuzu hasn’t sold a vehicle here since 2009. Certainly, Toyota dominates in several things, … Read more

May Sales Tumble, But the End is Not Near

Sales setback is temporary with some surprises thrown in. US auto sales fell by 6.1 percent last month, but the end is hardly near. Instead, the industry counted two fewer selling days for May, accounting for much of the loss for the month. Ford F-150 sales rose in by 9 … Read more

US Auto Sales Set New Record in 2015

2015 Audi A3 TDI

Just six years after US auto sales reached the lowest mark in decades, the market has rebounded to the point where a new sales record was reached. Yesterday, the automakers reported sales for 2015 and when the final tally was accomplished, 17.47 million light-duty passenger vehicles were sold, beating the … Read more

Trucks, SUVs Pace November Sales

The aluminum-bodied Ford F-150. The US sales numbers for November are still coming in (Mercedes-Benz will report on Wed., due to a software glitch) and the reports confirm that pickup trucks and SUVs continue to pace the market. Sales for most of the larger manufacturers — Nissan, Ford, GM, and … Read more

Fabulously Unfrozen: February 2015 US Auto Sales

The eastern half of the nation has had quite a winter, with record cold, significant snows and paralyzing ice storms extending deep into the south. Despite the difficult conditions, consumers visited US showrooms in strong numbers, helping to propel February 2015 auto sales in a positive direction. Truck sales paced … Read more

On Sale Now: 2016 Acura ILX

New 2016 model year vehicles are beginning to trickle out and the Acura ILX is among them. This entry-level premium sedan has been redesigned and is priced from $27,900. A new, high-performance, direct-injected engine is now paired with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, to deliver improved performance and efficiency. 2016 Acura … Read more

2014 US Auto Sales Magnify Industry’s Strength

Sales rise by 5.9 percent and top 16.5 million units. Merely five years ago, the US auto industry recorded one of its worst years in a generation. GM and Chrysler went bankrupt and restructured, and other automakers had to cope with sales that plummeted by 10 to 30 percent or … Read more

US Auto Trends for 2015 and Beyond

A new year brings with it much promise even if a measure of uncertainty remains. This past year was filled with its share of political and social turmoil, but one of the brightest spots was for the US auto industry as it completes its fifth consecutive year of increasing sales. … Read more

November 2014: Boom Times for Auto Sales Continue

November 2014 auto sales increase by 5 percent. The good times are continuing for the US auto industry, now nearing the end of its fifth year of recovery from 2009’s depressively low sales numbers. Most automakers claimed healthy increases for November 2014, led by the Chrysler Group’s 20 percent increase … Read more

Toyota Mirai: Fuel Cell Future Realized

Toyota turns a new chapter in green driving. The 2016 Toyota Mirai is making its global debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show today. For the first time since its Prius line was released in the 1990s, Toyota is shifting its green car bets slightly to incorporate a fuel cell … Read more

Rocking October 2014 Auto Sales Lift Industry

October 2014 sales remain in positive territory. The US auto industry continues to record strong sales even as the overall economy shows only modest gains. Sales this year should top 16.5 million units with analysts forecasting at least 17 million units sold for 2015. And if October 2014 auto sales … Read more