2024 Ford Bronco (Iconic SUV Continues to Impress)

25 years following its discontinuation, the Ford Bronco made a highly anticipated comeback in 2021, reigniting excitement among enthusiasts.

As a classic SUV, it directly rivals the Jeep Wrangler, offering similar features such as two- and four-door choices, removable doors, and an optional soft top. Now in its fourth year, the latest iteration honors its legendary reputation through its retro design and exhilarating off-road capabilities.

2024 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is more than an SUV — it is a sub-brand. As such, Ford builds the standard Bronco, a body-on-frame SUV.

It also markets the Bronco Sport, a compact model that shares its architecture with the Ford Escape. A third Bronco model, a pickup truck, was canceled once Ford decided to keep the midsize Ranger around. For this review, we’ll examine the Bronco alone. 

Ford offers the 2024 Bronco in nine configurations. Six of the nine are available in either two-or four-door arrangements. Three, however, are four-door only.

Prices range from $39,310 for the two-door Big Bend model to $90,035 for the Raptor, a four door. Depending on the trim, the four-door may cost approximately $500 to $1,500 more than the two door. Add a whopping $1,895 to cover the delivery charge.

2024 Ford Bronco side

For 2024, the Ford Bronco Raptor introduces the Code Orange package with new orange accents and two new colors: Shelter Green and Velocity Blue.

Celebrating the Bronco’s 58th anniversary, there are four new 17-inch wheel designs from Ford Performance and Method Race Wheels. Updates include the return of the Everglades trim, a standard 12-inch touchscreen with SYNC 4 in all models, and a Heavy Duty Modular Front Bumper now standard on the Badlands trim.

Exterior Highlights

The Bronco boasts a commanding presence, with its boxy SUV shape, lines, and details that echo the original model. This deliberate nod to retro design is aimed at appealing to consumers, especially given the exceptional execution of this style.

The Bronco is designed for off-road use, featuring a robust grille and durable front bumper suitable for challenging environments. It includes removable doors and a top, allowing users to customize their level of exposure to the elements.

2024 Ford Bronco front

An additional feature for off-road enthusiasts is the optional, detachable hoop step, designed to facilitate easier access in difficult terrain.

Its suspension system, equipped with adaptive shock absorbers, is engineered to provide a stable ride across various surfaces. The Bronco also offers an optional Advanced 4×4 system with Automatic On-Demand Engagement, which includes settings for navigating through sand, mud, ruts, rock, and sport terrains.

Interior Highlights

The 2024 Ford Bronco’s interior immediately impresses with its thick, rugged design that mirrors the exterior’s robustness. The SUV features an upright dashboard, numerous grab handles, and durable surfaces, emphasizing its functional build for off-road adventures.

2024 Ford Bronco front seats

Select trims include rubber flooring and rubberized controls, enhancing the vehicle’s off-road readiness. These features, along with drain plugs, simplify cleaning after a day in the mud.

However, the quality of buttons and switches appears substandard, feeling lightweight and inexpensive. Additionally, issues such as frameless windows catching on weather stripping and excessive noise from tires, wind, and engine at high speeds detract from the overall experience, especially during long drives.

The Bronco is offered in both two- and four-door configurations, accommodating four and five passengers respectively. The front seats offer comfort and support, providing ample head and leg room for taller individuals. Rear seating is reasonably comfortable, although access in the two-door model is restricted.

2024 Ford Bronco rear seats

The vehicle’s large windows ensure excellent visibility, though rear sightlines are limited. However, removing the doors and hardtop significantly enhances visibility and the open-air experience, with the soft top also being fully removable.

Cargo capacity is generous across models; the two-door version offers 22.4 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats, expanding to 52.3 cubic feet when folded. The four-door model increases cargo space, with the hardtop variant providing 35.6 cubic feet behind the rear seats and 77.6 cubic feet with them down. The soft-top model further maximizes cargo volume.

Unlike traditional SUVs, the Bronco features a swing-out tailgate, which, while unique, can complicate loading and unloading in constrained spaces.

Technology and Safety

Ford equips the Bronco with a 7-speaker audio package and a 12-inch touchscreen display. The list of upgrades included with packages or trim improvements include enhanced voice recognition, wireless phone connection, wireless Apple CarPlay, wireless Android Auto, and navigation. 

2024 Ford Bronco interior

Ford bundles its safety features under the Co-Pilot360 package. That package is optional with lower trim models and included elsewhere. The main features include automatic high-beam headlights, blind-spot monitoring with cross-traffic alert, lane keeping assist, and a pre-collision system with automatic emergency braking. 


The Bronco comes equipped with a a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder, capable of producing 275 horsepower and 315 pound-feet of torque. When filled with premium gasoline, this engine’s output increases to 300 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. 

2024 Ford Bronco engine

For those seeking more power, there are available engine options including a twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter V6 that delivers 315 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque, which can be boosted to 330 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque with premium gas.

Another option, but exclusive to the Raptor, is a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6, exclusively running on premium gas, offering 418 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque. 

The Bronco is equipped with four-wheel drive as standard. Most trims feature a standard seven-speed manual transmission, with an optional 10-speed automatic transmission also available.

Driving Highlights

Our favorite off-road trails were closed for the winter, therefore we were not able to put the Bronco through extreme testing. That said, we found enough gravelly roads, dirt bypasses, hilly escapes, and mud holes to put this SUV through its paces.

2024 Ford Bronco rear

Ford lent us an Everglades edition outfitted with 35-inch mud tires. 

Big and beefy, we navigated uneven terrain with ease and played with the drivetrain mode accordingly. That mode keeps the Bronco in 2WD unless one of the other three modes is selected.

The mode dialer is labeled G.O.A.T. – Go Over Any Terrain – although we suspect Ford took a swipe at the Jeep Wrangler with this by slyly labeling the Bronco as the Greatest (SUV) Of All Time. Regardless, every version of the Bronco is equipped to show off its off-road chops.

For those wanting an enhanced off-road experience, opt for the available Sasquatch Package featuring 35-inch tires, an advanced HOSS 2.0 suspension, electronic-locking axles, a 4.7 final drive ratio, and durable fender flares.

Without a doubt, the Bronco exudes confidence on the toughest terrain. It is fun to navigate, easy to use, and a champ in places where crossovers fear to tread. You need not worry about getting stuck in most situations, although the available WARN winch is useful for rigging your way out of trouble.

On highways, the Bronco serves as a capable daily driver, even if wind noise is unavoidable. 

2024 Ford Bronco rear door

Ford Bronco Considerations

The Bronco stands as a strong contender against the Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee, and we also recommend looking at the Toyota 4Runner as an option.

It’s important to highlight that Ford discontinued the entry-level Bronco variant for the 2024 model year, leading to a starting price increase of nearly $5,000. Consequently, the more sought-after four-door versions now have a base price exceeding $50,000, and opting for additional packages can significantly increase the cost.

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